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Job Title: Telecom Engineer Trainee


-Design, Calculations, technical reporting  

-Generating of telecommunication Documents based on oil & gas documentation procedures

-Supporting Telecom subsystems including (expertise at least for 2 below mentioned sub systems ) :

·         VHF/UHF Radio systems

·         Trunk Radio

·         PTP Radio

·         PABX

·         PA/GA

·         Fiber optic systems (SDH/PDH)

·         CCTV

·         AISS

·         LAN

·         SCADA

·         Offshore navigation systems

-Technical support for procurement/planning departments

-Technical support for construction teams

-Site visit & supervision on construction activities

-Technical support for integration & equipment testing

-Familiar with type of documents in EPC projects ( such as: Design specification, Block Diagram , Wiring Diagram, …)

Requirements: Masters/Bachelor of Telecommunications Engineering

Language Skills: English (working knowledge)

Employment Type: Contract

Location: Tehran

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Job Title: Marketing/Tender Expert


Identifying and analyzing current, potential and lost clients, collecting, classifying and archiving information according to the company’s procedures.

Communicating (in person, by telephone or correspondence) with current clients leading them to expand the mutual business by increasing the level of their satisfaction and keep a record of all negotiations and discussions

Communicating (in person, by telephone or correspondence) with lost clients, discovering the causes of not being successful in reaching to an agreement and trying to solve the issues and open up a right channel for cooperation.

Establishing firm relationships with potential clients (in person, by telephone or correspondence), and persuading them to sign cooperation agreements.

Assessing customer satisfaction and setting techniques and target to improve the level of their contentment and loyalty.

Setting plans for regular visits to the clients to maintain contacts and prepare relevant reports.

Performing market research and analyzing competitors and also gathering required information and classifying them to clarify the market demands to set the company’s strategies more effectively and constant assessment of their specified efficiency.

Presenting regular marketing reports or reports on ad hoc basis at managers’ discretion.

Coordinating promotional and encouraging activities in the company

Collaborating with involved departments in bidding process to ensure the timely fulfillment of tasks

Cooperating and coordinating with financial department in pursuing the payments and collection of financial claims.

Cooperating and coordinating with project managers and other involved departments to ensure the accomplishment of contracts with clients.

Having deep knowledge about company’s services and coordinating in employees training procedures (if required)

Following the organizational culture & structure and making full cooperation in providing a suitable work environment according to the company’s goals.

Arranging coordinating to attained relevant exhibitions and holding successful seminars to introduce new services of the company to the market or establish effective relationship with new clients to present already-existed services.


BS /MS. in Management, marketing, business or other related fields

Good Knowledge in Marketing Research and Market Segmentation 

Ability to work independently and pro-actively under minimal supervision

Excellent Communication skills and proficiency in establishing effective relationships with customers

Effective and strong management experience in team working and running required meetings to achieve the specified goals.

Comprehensive Knowledge in official communication skills both verbally and written

Minimum 3 years of experience in related areas

Fluent in English

Employment Type: Contract

Location: Tehran

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