Oil & Gas

The Oil and Gas industry’s needs for telecommunications services have increased significantly over the years. Complex operations and data requirements, coupled with highly collaborative work processes, often between multiple onshore and offshore locations, are increasingly relying on robust telecommunications. This communication challenge is compounded by the variety of different operational domains to be supported (exploration, development, production and downstream), often situated in challenging geographies around the world.The oil and gas sector needs reliable and resilient solutions that are available 24/7 – since the implications of losing connectivity, even for short periods of time, are substantial. The stakeholders in the oil and gas industries require a company to carryout their telecommunication solutions that is up to date with the newest and best technology available in the market and knows how to integrate them together. The hazardous working environment in this industry requires special technology suited for this environment. We at Raya work with one of the best engineering teams who can design and implement the best telecommunication solution custom designed for your needs. Our procurement team can purchase the best equipment needed at the best price. Raya will be alongside its client every step of the way and carries out EPC projects with rigor and commitment.