Persia Shidak Raya Company

When we first started our company in 2003, no one thought that we would so quickly become a well established telecommunication system integrator. Now when clients are looking for the best and most reliable system for their industry, they do not need to look far. Raya started off with a small dedicated group and has quickly expanded and grown to more than a hundred staff members. We carefully studied and selected the most committed, expert, hardworking and knowledgeable people to join our fast growing company. Raya would not have been, what it is today if it was not for the hard work and dedication of every single one of them. Our engineers are eager to discuss every project in a team to come up with the best solution that fits the needs of our clients. We have come far, but still strive for excellence and try to improve day by day.

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Raya's Core Values:


The state of being outstanding, draw quick conclusions, just behavior, respecting and being responsible towards the stakeholders are the quadrilateral values of our company.

Raya's Top Management

Mahdi Karimi

Chairman of the Board of Directors


Asghar Rostami

Vice chairman of the Board

Hassan Karimi

CEO and Member of the Board

Mohammad Iravani

Majority Shareholder